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Subject:  Re: Saving money on car registration Date:  3/20/2019  12:33 PM
Author:  telegraph Number:  906472 of 909093

Ima Golfer: "We've got a weird deal here in Texas. My registration is due in March. The state of Texas mails you a reminder that it's due and you receive this notice in January. So you have to keep this little letter for a couple of months on your desk hoping you won't forget it until you get your vehicle inspected. The tricky part is you can't renew until you get inspected and you can't get inspected until after March 1st."

Actually, need to get the vehicle inspected starting 90 days before the due date. If the due date is April, you can get your car inspected in Feb and March.....any time before 90 days. About the time the letter comes.

You didn't read the letter that comes with the renewal.

Also, since the inspection report goes into the state database, all you have to do is send in your 'proof of insurance' , check, and sign the form.

Just did that on the second car.

No one need to go anywhere near the DMV office, although the one here is easy to get to, and usually a five minute wait for things like this. It goes through your 'county assessor office'.

Drivers license test , car registration from out of state, title transfer requires going to the DMV zoo five miles away and likely waiting 30-90 minutes. No fun. On a real bad day, maybe 2 hours.

Every 10 years, you got to get new license plates for your car in TX whether you need them or not. Most of the time, mine are in fine shape. They come in the mail.

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