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Subject:  Re: OT: Thoughts on a new board: Future Expats Date:  3/20/2019  4:32 PM
Author:  Rayvt Number:  92540 of 103783

I also like the dedicated country thread idea. I was thinking much the same thing. Perhaps a thread naming convention like "CR: Immigration process" or "CR: how to buy property as a non-citizen"

A (now-defunct) financial blogger used to say "Always look at a transaction from the viewpoint of the other party."

The citizens of the country you are in may view you as "that rich non-citizen American who comes here and ruins our country by paying way too much for property thus driving up prices for us, and making all sorts of demands that we should change our ways to accommodate him. He is an outsider. Not one of us. He can't even speak our language very well (or at all)." In any sort of high-stress SHTF situation--earthquake, political unrest, etc.--you might well be looked on poorly.

You will always be looked on as "the other", and will often be viewed as a mark to be fleeced.
In economic terms, you will be rich compared to them, and the natural tendency will be that you can afford to be taken advantage of.

When we were traveled to various places around the world, my wife had a couple of things she looked for. Did the banks have rifle-toting guards standing near the entrance? Did the (upscale) department stores have a bouncer/concierge at the entrance? Did a lot of buildings have bars on the 1st floor windows? How about the second floor windows? Did the grocery stores have their door(s) set up so that when you came in you HAD to exit via the checkout lanes, you couldn't just leave the same way you came in?

That's my rain on your parade. Sorry.
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