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Subject:  Re: 11 reasons to drink bottled water Date:  3/26/2019  10:15 PM
Author:  SeattlePioneer Number:  906551 of 909750

<<But bottled water is often a FAR better choice than no water at all, or other beverages.

If you are going to go to the trouble of packing a bottle of water, you can also just pack a refillable bottle with tap water or filtered water in it. No?

That would be a good thing to teach the Cub Scouts, No?


During the summer Cub Scout Day Camp, our district had about 100 boys participating in the program. Some were dropped of by parents who did not provide them with lunch or drinking water, despite often hot temperatures and a long day.

One of our first activities the first (of four) days was to hand out a plastic bottle of water and a cord with the project being to make a loop so the bottle could be carried around the neck and refilled during the course of the week as needed. Boys were repeatedly encouraged by example to stay well hydrated throughout four long, often hot days.

But during other activities (such as family picnics), especially when families retained their structure for activities, it wasn't practical to instruct families and adults in such things. It was more important to make water available in forms that families were familiar with, which was often plastic bottles of water.

Speaking as a person who has had repeated episodes of kidney stones and gout, almost certainly mainly caused by poor hydration, I would estimate that it's perhaps 10,000 times as important for human beings to stay well hydrated as it is to avoid using plastic bottles of water. (just to throw out a number)

The use of plastic bottles is trivial beside the interest of human health and welfare. The failure of liberals to realize that is one of many reasons why they need to be kept away from the levers of government power.

Seattle Pioneer
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