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Subject:  Re: Bob Kerrey on 2 Democrat Delusions Date:  4/8/2019  1:50 PM
Author:  BruceCM Number:  881395 of 888062

The fundamental question is will the body-politic self-correct. It seems logical that the center 7% (or thereabouts) who swing each election...will this segment of voters see the current strain of Democrats-in-power (DIPs) as being out of control and replace them? It would be uber-alarming for this center-group NOT to see the current DIPs as behaving irrationally, with this almost pathological obsession with getting Trump at ANY cost, whether its by putting the Mueller report under a magnifying glass or putting DT's past tax returns under a microscope to find any morsel...any tidbit....any particles...that might suggest...and therefore will be proof positive... that DT is a criminal deserving of impeachment and imprisonment and they were right all along.

This continuous doubling-down reminds me of a poker player who has a pile of his chips out on the table but who is gradually realizing he probably will not be able to bluff his hand as he was sure he could, so when it comes his turn, he feels his only option is to see-and-raise, hoping against hope that his opponents fold before he runs out of money.

And I don't think a "non-partisan" anything will help. Mueller is likely about as non-partisan as you'll find and the left will not accept his conclusions...only their own. The same would occur with any kind of lengthy DOJ investigation. No...I think this will be up to the electorate to sort out.

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