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Subject:  Re: AXSM Date:  4/9/2019  1:58 PM
Author:  sheila727 Number:  25076 of 25272

What stimulates your interest in Axsome? I took a look at their website, and I am not impressed--for several reasons.

The first item that I looked at was what they term their "Publications." This creates the impression that there is innovative science driving their drug development, and I wanted to see when they began publishing, where they have published, and what they had to say. And I discovered that they haven't published a single paper. If they had been honest, instead of trying to impress with hype, they would have said "Presentations." Because what's listed are the 3 posters they presented at 3 meetings in the spring and summer of 2018.

I took a look at their explanations of the facets of the science that forms the basis for their product development. And it's not based on insight into molecular pathophysiology or on utilization of new technologies, but simply on ways to modify existing drugs. They either extract certain types of molecular structures, or they partner a drug with another one that enables it to be metabolized more slowly. And they do this by inhibiting the liver enzyme that normally metabolizes it super fast. However....for a patient who has to take another drug that's dependent on this particular liver enzyme functioning properly, either the Axsome drug can't be used, or the conflicting drug has to be substituted with one that's less effective--if there is a substitute. So their science does not impress me. To me, they're spending as little money on development as possible, modestly reworking existing drugs and making a lot of noise about it.

Then I looked at the company, and it was founded by an MD who basically has spent his entire professional life in the financial world. This is the antithesis of what typically drives companies focusing on developing new therapeutics. Meaningful new drug companies begin with the science, and bring on board experts with the financial and managerial experience to create and run a successful company.

I have no confidence in Axsome, no respect, and only distrust.

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