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Subject:  Re: Fracturing within Democratic Party Date:  4/16/2019  9:41 PM
Author:  SeattlePioneer Number:  881464 of 887830

<<Trump has won the psychological war. The irony here is that if they had acted even modestly in good faith, they probably could have gotten a lot of things done for average Americans. Those are the very people who will ultimately decide the next election. By refusing to agree on anything that gives ANY credit to Trump, they have locked themselves into a corner that will bring them some very bad outcomes. It couldn't happen to a more deserving group of people.


I agree. When Trump came into office, the smart move for liberals was to suck up to him and co opt him into supporting liberal programs, or liberal versions of conservative programs.

After all, Trump had supported lots of liberal programs and ideas over the years, and had complete freedom to decide what he wanted to do in office.

Instead, liberals chose fanatical opposition to Trump on both policy and personal issues. That has kept Trump reliably carrying out the policies of his working class base, and forcing liberals to ever more extreme politics.

<<While the situations are serious, I have to admit to having some really good belly laughs over how deeply and regularly Trump gets into the left's heads.

They came out so loudly and filled with venom over just the IDEA of illegals being sent to sanctuary cities or states. That provided the clearest example yet of their hypocrisy on the immigration issue. They do not want these people in their cities and towns. Yet they have repeatedly said that all were welcome. They long claimed that it was a manufactured issue. During Obama's time they were fine with him sending lots of illegals to non sanctuary places to strain the resources and budgets of many small towns and counties.

Yes, the reaction of liberals to this Trump proposal has been HUGELY amusing!

Seattle Pioneer
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