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Subject:  Re: Free Market Capitalism & Conservative Values Date:  4/17/2019  8:26 PM
Author:  warrl Number:  881493 of 883144

“Market capitalism is not a religion. Market capitalism is a tool, like a staple gun or a toaster,” Carlson said. “Any economic system that weakens and destroys families isn’t worth having.” Does this observation make Tucker a socialist? Hardly.

Market capitalism - tainted by the evils of racism, legally mandated discrimination, and the legacy of slavery (with the majority of slaves emancipated by the Civil War still being alive) - resulted in 75% of black children living in two-parent families as early as the 1880s. (Prior to the Civil War there were actually plantations whose main product for sale was healthy young blacks.)

Market capitalism - tainted by the evils of racism - resulted in 85% of black babies in New York in 1925 living in two-parent families.

Market capitalism - tainted by the evils of racism - resulted in the black illegitimacy rate being 15% in 1940.

Market capitalism - tainted by the evils of racism - produced a black youth unemployment rate of 9.4% in 1948, when the rate among white youth was 10.2%.

Today, we have the wonders of a social-welfare network to undo all those harmful effects, and the fight against racism is so firmly entrenched that I've personally been in situations where we had to justify to the Personnel Department our choice to hire a white male out of the pool they sent us - which contained nothing but white males. We have laws to protect people from the terrible risk that they might acquire work experience, employment history, and references at low-paying jobs.

The black illegitimacy rate is about 75%.

The black youth unemployment rate is about 50%.

Tell me again about how destructive market capitalism is to families.
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