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Subject:  Re: I am aware--- Date:  4/19/2019  11:22 AM
Author:  TheDope1 Number:  2253405 of 2328658

That Pres. Trump has an unsavory past, and I understand differences of political opinion.

What I don't understand is the unbridled hatred and the vitriol hurled at the President.

WE may quibble over the many issues he has championed and whether they have been successful or even completed; but are they of such consequence as to believe he is evil?

Many on this board seem to suspect he has horns under his unusual hair style.

I do not understand where this comes from.

I do. Most people hate change and change agents. They react with fear, and if you're a leftist, hatred and/or violence.

Trump upset all the apple carts. He has an extensive background marketing...himself. He knows very well what gets noticed and what doesn't get noticed out in The Marketplace Of Ideas. He was able to determine very quickly that Presidential campaigns followed certain "rules" to which every candidate adhered.

There's a business writer named Clayton Christiansen. He's written several books on disruptive innovation with each one using the core concept of breaking the "rules" by zigging where others zag. That's how Trump ran his campaign:

(1) He said things you weren't supposed to say.
(2) He called other candidates names you weren't supposed to call them.
(3) He used communication mediums to reach people that weren't being reached
(4) Instead of cozying up to the D.C. culture, he attacked it.

And more. Trump said things they hated and fought back against their attacks in ways that frankly, a democrat would. democrats and liberals like to "fight" Republicans in the old way: Handcuff the Republican to a chair, shove a ball gag in his mouth and punch him until he quits. That's a fair fight if you're a liberal. (To everyone else, it's ridiculous, and the fact that Republicans would agree to fight that way shows you how supine that party really is sometimes). Trump actually punched back. And like classic bullies, liberals don't like getting hit in retaliation for their punches. They whine and carry on just like a proverbial bully who got his on the schoolyard.

The second thing is that liberals understand that their worst nightmare is an independent people that doesn't take orders from Washington. They hate that, and will hate on anybody riding in to change anything.
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