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Subject:  Re: I am aware--- Date:  4/19/2019  7:21 PM
Author:  sgeeeeee Number:  2253522 of 2327649

What I don't understand is the unbridled hatred and the vitriol hurled at the President.

This is why I often question the value of discussions with the right. No one can be that stupid. No one, surely. We spent 8 years with Obama as President when the right started by stating that their primary goal was to make Obama a 1-term President. We had to endure countless fact free claims that Obama was a secret Muslim from Kenya. We watched them with countless investigations whose only purpose seemed to be to allow FoxNews to make up and broadcast lies. None of it came to anything because Republicans were simply staging press events where they spewed lies. There was really nothing they could find to actually convict or indict over. They certainly never indicted anyone of significance or found any indications of crimes. It was all Republican noise.

Anyone who bothers to read even the redacted report form Mueller now knows that Donald Trump is a documented lying crook. Anyone who fails to read it and still supports Trump . . . you may as well talk to a bag of hammers.

Let's face it . . . Trump supporters are willfully ignorant and they intend to remain that way no matter how many facts about Trump's corruption and lies are revealed.
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