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Subject:  Ego Maniac in the Oval Is ‘Exonerated̵ Date:  4/20/2019  9:20 PM
Author:  FoolishWaldo Number:  2253690 of 2356560

By Maureen Dowd
Opinion Columnist

Yes, I know that many don't like her -- sometimes I don't like her. But this (imho) is a classic.
After a brief intro, it's a column jam-packed full of quotable quotes. Let's try a few.

How about this one:
After 675 days, more than 2,800 subpoenas, nearly 500 search warrants, $30 million spent, endless jaw-jaw on cable and countless whiny Trump tweets, we have come down to one fundamental truth.

And it’s the same truth that has been terrorizing us all along: Donald Trump’s dirtbag machinations are driven by insane vanity.

That one's good, but this one's better:
The First Narcissist’s all-consuming blend of braggadocio and insecurity has turned Washington and its rickety institutions into a dystopian outpost of his id.

Skipping some here -- you'll have to find it on your own, but then this:
And Trump’s motivation for trying to subvert justice and turn the White House into a writhing nest of liars? His ego.

He did not want people to think that the Russians were responsible for his election and that he was an illegitimate president.

And why was this the burr under his sociopathic saddle? Obviously, because he thinks he is an illegitimate president. He never expected to win.

I can't resist one last sentence (be gentle with me, TMF):
The idea that he is in the Oval Office under false pretenses plays into his twisted sense of victimhood. The spoiled scion of Fifth Avenue somehow always finds a way to be aggrieved, a victim of the media, the deep state, “dirty cops,” note-taking aides and the elites — all out to get him.

OK -- I'm going to have to leave you on your own now with lots of tasty nuggets ti savor. Here's the link.

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