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Subject:  Re: Why the Right hates replying to the Left. Date:  4/22/2019  10:58 AM
Author:  Vetiver Number:  2253838 of 2328123

"It's like telling a child something and every statement is followed by the child asking "why". The child is not asking why, the child is telling you that you haven't given him the answer he desires."

I think that particular explanation embodies much of the issue with what passes for conservative thought these days. Children are quite clever and quite able to understand the difference between an answer rooted in something fundamental and a "Just because" type o answer. "Why is the sky blue?" has a fundamental answer. I explained Raleigh Scattering to my kids when they were babies and they not only understood it, they made the connection on their own to why sunsets are red. "Why do some months have 30 and some 31, seemingly in random order, and February only has 28?" As you may be aware, the answer is rooted in Roman history, the Julian calendar, and the subsequent moving of one day from Febrary to August so that August (named after Agustus) would have just as many days as July (named after Julius Ceasar). In general, if you give a child an answer rooted in something fundamental, they are quite capable o understanding it.

If the fundamentals are something the explainer finds embarrassing and leaves out, then that leaves the door open to an endless string of follow up questions. "How can you look at pictures of the Trump inaugural and the Obama inaugural and conclude there was more people at the Trump event?" "Why are farm price supports not Welfare?" "What happened to all of the money that was supposed to come flooding in after the Bush and Trump tax cuts for the wealthy?" "What makes that drunken frat-boy Kavenaugh fit for the Supreme Court?" Or, more fundamentally, "How did the party of "Family values" become the party of Trump bragging about sexual assault?"

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