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Learning to Invest / Investing Beginners


Subject:  For Investing Novices Date:  4/27/2019  7:49 PM
Author:  imyoung Number:  29260 of 29812

For Investing Novices

Many questions an investing novice has and which deserve an answer are not suited for some boards, such as Saul’s Investing Discussions. To help you with basic investing questions, we have compiled a list of links listed below.

For investing novices interested in rapidly growing, disruptive companies, we strongly recommend subscribing to one or two of the Fool’s paid services specializing in high growth companies. Many if not most of the companies we follow on Saul’s board were originally recommended either on the Stock Advisor Service or the Rule Breakers Service, see below. Our advice is to read, read, read and ask questions on the appropriate boards listed below.

A. Join the Fool Services Focused on Growth Stocks
1.1 Stock Advisor Service,
1.2 Rule Breakers Service,

Both services have specific boards devoted to basic investment questions and portfolio management. Their knowledgeable paid staff is very good at responding to specific questions and situations. They will take the time to answer in detail questions, s.a. “I am a new investor and have xxx USD to invest.” The answer depends on a number of things, like life circumstances, temperament, risk aversion, amount of money available and so on.


How to Invest
Series of articles, see drop down menu. Here are the topics covered:

How to Invest in Stocks,
Start Investing with $100 a Month
Investing Knowledge Center
Learn Options Trading
Guide to Index, Mutual & ETF Funds
How to Build a Dividend Portfolio
Investing for Retirement

Portfolio Tracker
Rate & Research Stocks - CAPS

Compare Brokerage Accounts
Compare IRA Account

Financial Calculators

2. The Motley Fool Knowledge Center

Another excellent source with major topics covered as follows:
Accounting Terms
Personal Finance
Retirement Planning

C. The Motley Fool Open Boards

• Learning to Invest - several boards for beginners

These boards are not frequented much and I am not sure how helpful the advice is. I found an occasional good post.

• Portfolio Management

Also not frequented very much.

List of Other Off-Topic Boards

Very useful if you are new to the Fool.

I hope you found the above helpful.

I. M. Young
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