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Subject:  Second shingles shot Date:  5/10/2019  10:00 PM
Author:  rainphakir Number:  21062 of 21492

Per this thread, there's some interest in experiences with the new 2-shot shingles vaccine.

I got the first shot 2 months ago, and had a much stronger reaction than expected.

I got the second shot about 12 noon, Wednesday, 8 May, again at the pharmacy in HEB, my local grocery store. The tech asked if I'd reacted to the first, and I replied yes, that I had felt like I had the flu for 24 hours. He said that was normal, and that this second would be worse.

Uhmm... Say what?!?

The injection was like getting hit in the shoulder.

I took 2 tablets of acetaminophen and napped much of the afternoon, and after about 10 hours, my shoulder was hurting! I took 2 acetaminophen, slept all night. Thursday, my shoulder muscle was extremely painful, the muscles around my shoulder (shoulder blade, pectorals, the muscles of my neck) all were tight and painful. I slept/napped most of the day. I took ibuprofen Thursday evening, and slept all night. Friday morning, most of the pain and tightness was gone. Friday evening, and I'm ... 90% recovered?

I was lethargic, but didn't really feel like I had a flu or cold. I just felt ill and weak.

The painful shoulder and tight muscles sucked. Bending and twisting my neck was painful, moving/raising my arm hurt. I was stiff and uncoordinated. My back, hips, and legs were all affected.

ralph still thinks that if this prevents a shingles experience, then it's been worth it.
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