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Subject:  Re: SSA weirdness Date:  5/17/2019  9:51 AM
Author:  reallyalldone Number:  129252 of 129792

Composite response.

Given that there were several bursts of M&A activity, and then subsequent spin-offs, over the past 30 - 40 years, it might be possible that you are owed a pension from a company that neither of you ever worked for.

Back in the olden days, it was 10 years to vest anywhere and the letters were clear about it being public. This was still good advice in general. While my husband's longest tenure at a job was the last one(25 years), the one before that was at a company that was sliced and diced in the 80's.

Try calling again. Maybe another person can explain the phantom pension and ask to be escalated to the next level of support if they can't explain it.

I did this at a different time of day with the intention of making an appointment(although that was really nothing I wanted to spend my time doing.) Maybe because of the time of day but I was routed to a different center and person. There were no notes in my file concerning the other two calls(those people seemed only to be able/willing to read from a script). This person listened and went through everything she had and requested research on the issue. It is likely related to my employment covered by the Colorado pension system. I rolled out the money around 2003 but during that time(about a total of 6 nonconsecutive years), there were early years where social security wasn't withheld.

Because I am collecting as a survivor(and pretty much that will always be the highest amount), the phantom pension of mine is complicated.

Colorado and Pennsylvania confirmed I am due nothing from either.

This is all over about $130/month...or $3....or 175....depending on which letter, none of which will change my life.
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