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Subject:  Re: Venezuela’s Collapse Date:  5/19/2019  1:42 PM
Author:  mauser96 Number:  114431 of 116392

Don't read that poster, and that quote is a good example of why. There are no true socialist states in the EU. There are Nanny Welfare States there. But mostly their economy is stagnant . Why is it that Lefties here refuse to even admit the dictionary definition of Socialism which involves government ownership of the means of production.

from that link

What about the "socialism" of Scandinavia and Europe? They are not socialist in the sense that the government owns and runs the economy. Many of these countries have elaborate welfare programs, restrictive labor laws and overtaxation. But all this is beginning to change.

What self-styled American socialists overlook is that countries like Sweden have been scaling back government. Sweden has been cutting taxes. It has no inheritance tax, and it allows school choice, which is anathema to Bernie Sanders and his ilk. As for the rest of the EU, the average rate of economic growth since the crisis of 2008 has been minuscule, less than half that of the U.S.
Note that like earnings the compounding effects of faster growth really add up over a generation or two, the children and grandchildren of present voters in most EU countries will pay the price

The Swedes tried Socialism. It did not work, so being sensible rather than emotional they gave up on it and settled instead on a Welfare State. Which seems to work OK for them but they are a far more homogenous society than the US and less welfare might have worked even better. .

Countries need to give up on Socialism, it never works. They also need to carefully balance the need for security (Welfare State) with the efficiency of pure Capitalism(economic growth) to find the best balance.
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