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Subject:  Re: Fired Chicken & Cole Slaw - Cheap! Date:  6/1/2019  8:41 AM
Author:  alstroemeria Number:  56428 of 56609

Main carb is likely to be breading on the chicken. Probably not a lot.

Actually it's significant, unless it's very lightly breaded (dipped once in a light coating of flour, not a heavy coating of batter, and definitely not "extra crispy"!) AND all you eat is one small piece.

Cabbage is low carb. Sugar is easy to replace with sucralose (or others).

Doesn't taste the same, but not all that noticeable in a flavorful cole slaw unless you use a lot. I've learned to enjoy cole slaw with no sweetener (so I rarely buy it already made). And I use a little sweet onion instead of a regular onion. Sometimes I use a little fruit juice (like the juice from crushed pineapple canned in its own juice or a wee bit of orange juice, which I don't normally buy), especially for company.

In my house, cane sugar is relegated to the sugar bowl for guests to put in their coffee. We don't sweeten our coffee--except when I make iced coffee and then I use flavored liquid stevia...current fave is English Toffee.

Just as I adjusted to not sweetening my (hot) coffee, I've adjusted to not sweetening other things, or sweetening much less. Asian recipes calling for sugar get artificial sweetener (usually liquid stevia--I keep plain on hand as well). In a flavorful dish, the slightly bitter off-taste is not apparent. I also happen to appreciate bitterness in general--why I like strong coffee unsweetened.

Anyone who's been diagnosed with diabetes or pre-diabetes, or whose blood sugar is rising & getting close, or who has weight to lose, should consider removing sugar from their diet, along with the other refined white carb (white flour), as well as unhealthy fats (eg, commercial fried chicken).

In my case, my fasting blood sugar in my 60s is in the 90s, but once it was 109 (and once in the 80s :-)...that drove me to low carb, as did my excess poundage. T2D is rampant on both sides of my family, even among some skinny, fit seniors.
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