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Subject:  Απολυμάν Date:  6/4/2019  3:12 PM
Author:  johnnypip Number:  93 of 483

?p???µ??se?? – ?pe?t?µ?se?? – ????t???e?
? ap???µa?s? ep?ß???eta? µet? t?? ep?d??µ? t???t???? ?a? ?atsa??d?? p?? t?sa µ????ß?a f?????. G?a ap???µ??se?? – ap?sµ?se?? se ?at????µ????? ?????? ?a? ?????? pa?as?e??? t??f?µ?? ???s?µ?p????µe e?d??? ap???µa?t??? s?e??sµata ????? d?s??est? ?sµ? ?a??? ep?s?? ?a? ap???µa?t??? p?? d?? ap?te????ta? ap? d?aß??t??? d?a??t?.

?a??ste µa? ??a ?a e??µe???e?te t?? p??a??? as???e?e? p?? ?s?? µetaf????? µe???? ap? ta s???e???µ??a ????? pa??s?ta, ??a t??? t??p??? a?t?µet?p?s?? t???, ?a??? ?a? t? ?fe??? ap? t?? pa???? t?? ?pa??e?µat???? ?p??es??? µa? st?? ap???µa?se??, ape?t?µ?se??, µ???t???e?.

?a??pt??µe ap???µ??se?? se: ???????, ???????, µ??e?, ??????p?a, sf???e?, µ???sse?, s???p????, s??????, ?a????, ?a??da, s?a???? ?.a.

?p???µa?s? µe p?st?p???t???
???s?µ?p????ta? epa??e?µat??? ?a? µ??? p?????ta ap???µa?s?? e??e???µ??a ap? t? ?p????e?? Ge????a?, ?ataf?????µe t?? ap???t? e???t?s? t?? e?????t???? ep?s?ept?? sa? µ???µa ?a? ????? s???pe?e? st?? a????p??? ??e?a. ?? e?e?d??e?µ??? p??s?p??? µa? (ap???µa?t??) f???t??e? ?ste ? ????? sa? ?a e??a? p??ta ?a?a???, ???e????, ?a? µe p?st?p???t??? ap???µa?s??.
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