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Subject:  Re: Removing a large mirror Date:  6/17/2019  2:46 PM
Author:  RatioFool Number:  139254 of 140577

"Previous owner put up a large mirror, four feet wide, 2.5 feet tall on the bathroom wall. They probably used Liquid Nails since there isn't a frame or other way to hang it."

We had such a mirror in a previous residence, except that it was taller and wider. We were renovating, and my wife wanted a somewhat smaller mirror in a frame. Prying the old mirror off the wall didn't seem feasible because there was no space between the sides of the mirror and the adjacent sidewalls, and between the bottom of the mirror and the adjacent top of a thick back-splash. I happened to have some heavy-duty suction cups with handles that I had seen on a bargain table in an Ace Hardware Store, so I offered them to the two big guys who were doing the renovation. They applied the suction cups to the mirror and repeatedly yanked on the handles with greater and greater force until the mirror came free, revealing that it had been stuck to the underlying drywall with several blobs of Liquid Nails. Of course, the weaker drywall had lost the tug-of-war to the stronger blobs of Liquid Nails.

The wall was patched and repainted. Since the plate-glass mirror was undamaged, it was reduced in size, framed with plywood and molding, and rehung.

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