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Subject:  Short Borgata 2-5 Date:  6/17/2019  5:36 PM
Author:  NajdorfSicilian Number:  72515 of 72532

midweek new table of 2-5, somewhat lively. Was card dead yet again and had obnoxious phone-talker directly on my left [I was shocked the dealer didn't ask him to stop, I was gonna ask the pit boss but left instead after my loss. I asked him to stop when I was in a hand and he pretended not to understand even though his english was fine from the DR, whatta jerk. Was also playing music videos when he wasn't talking.]

My best hand was JJ in late, guys are throwing in $20 raise and calls, the white-haired old dude on my right goes All-in for like 200 so I instamuck. All fold he shows TT and proclaims 'I had it!' Ok nh sir.

Only went to showdown 1x before final hand, won.

Got AKo once, raised, all folded, only time that happened, sheesh.

Final hand in BB, everyone limps which hadn't happened once yet.
Hero gets 42o, I check. I have around 310.

Flop comes T42o.

EP bets $20, call I raise $50, he calls, MP folds.

Turn comes 6o. He checks I bet $100 he calls.

Flop comes T. He bets $100 I call to see the immortal T9. EZ game poker. Of course your top pair no kicker is gonna chase me down, nice turn call there.

So I went back to crushing the sportsbooks on Strikeout props. Got cut to $12 at one book in like 3 days, lol. Had Raps +135 in Game 6 which was nice.
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