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Subject:  Re: And now for something completely different Date:  6/18/2019  2:49 PM
Author:  alstroemeria Number:  125899 of 128872


The subcontractor propane-tank-repair dude was able to fit me in today. He said it looks like the line was damaged by landscaper equipment--and that whoever did it knew enough to turn off the tank!

Since he showed me, I finally know how to check the tank and turn it on & off. He also said the service valve was leaky except when fully open or closed, the top of the tank a bit corroded, and advised me to ask for a new tank. Which I did, but their computer is down so they will call me back. will be done during grandchildren's visit. Perhaps they'll find it entertaining--although since it's in the morning, likely be at the beach or water park. I hope no leaking gas around DD/grandchildren/SIL. (The hubster & I are...expendable.)

Meanwhile I have 30% left in the tank. So I asked for a smaller replacement tank, but they're back-ordered and I need a new tank fast.

So back to getting prepared for the new fridge tomorrow! And tomorrow while waiting for fridge delivery, getting prepared for the house-pressure-wash dude on thursday (he was supposed to come a month or so ago, but this is my rain check). He does the back porch & its furniture, which means I have to remove all the seat cushions, unzip and wash them and put them back on. The hubster used to help...we'll see. Since the hubster won't clean the gutters any more (he always moaned about it), I have them blow those out as well.

I can cook on the stove tonight--how novel! I wonder if 11 days of me heating water for coffee in the microwave means the hubster forgot how to boil water on the stove. I give it 50-50. I'm confident, however, that he'll stop gesticulating at the stove and proclaiming gibberish 8-10 times a day, which was his way of saying wtf/broken... I explained every time, but he either doesn't understand or can't remember. The last time was just a few minujtes before the repair dude fixed it.

Meanwhile, DD sent me some violin music to practice so I can play with my grndson who will be here 6/30-7/7. Looks hard! I'm out of practice (last time I played was w/him during Christmas week). Plus I need new glasses (had to cancel an appointment and never made a new one). Hope I can read it. Unlike my computer, I can't magnify actual of the reasons I don't play much any more). Gotta work on my finger callouses or it will hurt. 10 mins today, 15 tomorrow, till I work up to an hour. DGS enjoys playing w/me because--he's the boss!
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