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Subject:  The Poor People's Moral Action Congress Date:  6/19/2019  2:55 PM
Author:  BruceCM Number:  881879 of 885834

On Monday, the top Democrat presidential contenders, to include Sanders, Warren, Bennett, Swalwell, Harris, Williamson and Yang....attended and spoke at the Poor People's Moral Action Congress in Washington DC. I listened to part of it until I felt the vomit begin to roil up and run the risk of turning into genuine puke. 100% pure unadulterated sickening pander.

This morning Real Clear Politics had a piece on it that described perfectly my feelings from even the short 15-20 minutes or so I spent listening to it. Here are a couple of snippets....

"It was an alarming spectacle for anyone who works for a living. These Democratic candidates don't believe jobs are the way to end poverty. For them, "work" is a four-letter word. Their approach is to take money from working stiffs and give it to slackers."

"The organizers demand that Uncle Sam guarantee everyone an annual income, free college, free health care for childcare, student loan forgiveness, free pre-school and a "decent house to live in." They claim these are "rights." So does Sanders."

"When King declared, "free at last," that's not what he had in mind."

Read the entire article.

This should make the average voter seriously contemplate what electing anyone on the new progressive left would really mean for this county.

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