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Subject:  Re: El Stupido is dying Date:  6/22/2019  2:06 PM
Author:  impolite Number:  40179 of 40280

I hope the memories of El Stupido being a happy dumb-dumb will be a comfort to you and your family. You gave him a good life.

Yes, he was absolutely the dumbest dog around and because (and in spite of) that a great joy to us.

The youngest did well with the news - cried off and on a few hours, but seems to have accepted it as for the best.

The neighbor, an older fellow, cried a little when T talked to him over the fence this morning.

I've hollered for him twice when coming in the house (because even though he ended up going deaf, *we* hadn't adjusted to that yet) and then caught myself; T has dropped food while cooking and then remembered he had to pick it up (usually El Stupido "helped" us cook by keeping the floor clean), and I've seen the kids open the back door and hold it open a beat too long, still waiting for the dog to come outside with them.

He was a good dog, and very spoiled. He had eye-watering gas, bad breath, yeasty ears, and hacked like he had a hair ball every once in a while. He liked to lick Q on his calves when he was wearing shorts - because it made Q high-step away yelling his name; he liked to catch Her Bootiness unawares with a big ol' lick up the face; he loved laying on the couch with Leroy Jethro and in the chair with T....climbed right on up there like he was a lap dog. He got jealous if T was holding Leroy Jethro, or playing catch with would bring his own toy or try to push Leroy Jethro out of the way. When he wasn't feeling well, there were fireworks, or T was off hunting, El Stupido followed me everywhere in the house. EVERYwhere. I would open the shower curtain and find him laying on the bath mat.

I don't think we'll have another dog for a very long time, as long as T can keep up his resolve about it (I'm insistent we don't need one; T knows intellectually we don't need one right now but he's a sucker for dogs, so if someone breaks, it will be him).

The house definitely feels like it's missing something.

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