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Subject:  Re: Interesting concept Date:  6/26/2019  3:42 PM
Author:  OrmontUS Number:  561675 of 576568


Not necessarily quibbling with what you posted, but would like to know what independent, unbiased sources you are quoting.

It takes a pretty obvious effort to ship millions of pounds of cement through an Israeli blockade. I'm not saying that Iran is not supporting Hamas in Gaza, but that requires a mound of discussion which probably isn't worthwhile here.

As far as revolutionary groups, one man's revolutionary is another's freedom fighter. Both the government of Syria and the government of Yemen have been "in-place". The Syrian government is legitimate by any measure and while the government of Yemen is referred to as "rebels" by the Saudis, the reality may be the reverse - and Iran's support of them is more political (as they are anti-Saudi) than ideological.

Iran has no particular desire to "take over" Iraq that I have seen, but is supporting the Shia majority in the face of Sunni attacks (but, again, that requires lots of explanation), but it is unlikely that they would be any more welcomed as "liberators" than the US was.

Their path towards being able to create a nuke was dramatically delayed until the US pulled the plug on the nuke treaty. If they proceed it will likely be because of the US's record on forcing regime changes unless the target had nukes, rather than any particular desire to get into a nuclear conflict.

No one has said they are a peaceful nation, but then neither is the US, the Israelis, the Saudis or others in the area.

Not quibbling, just pointing out that nothing in that part of the world is simple and simple statements tend to be misleading.

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