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Subject:  Improving the Fool Date:  7/10/2019  12:47 PM
Author:  ThyPeace Number:  92824 of 93135

So... fun though the previous discussion was, I wonder what could actually improve the Fool. Here we are in the digital age, wandering through the cybersphere the way farm kids used to wander through the dusty streets of the closest little town. (They probably still do that somewhere.) The Fool's boards have gone from cutting edge technology to ... quaint.

And yet I don't think the technology is the Fool. I think the Fool is the community. The community is getting a bit long in the tooth, with retirement boards and taking care of parents boards more active than boards that younger people might frequent. Still, the community is solid and has a depth of expertise that I have not seen elsewhere.

It comes with a diversity of thought that impresses me regularly and -- perhaps unique to a short period of time that will not come again -- extraordinary ability to communicate via the written word.

So how would I like to see the Fool improve?

- I would like to see the community expand.
- I would like to see all the boards require payment again, with liberal use of Post of the Day credits for people who actually contribute to the mission. (Remember those? Those were some really good writing back in the day.)
- I would like to see the Fool use its broad expertise for good in the world. Not TMF the company, but the community here. And not by contributing to the annual Fool cause, though that's also good, but by going out into the digital world and providing benefit to people who need it.

ThyPeace, or we can just peter out, of course.
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