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Subject:  Re: Sweden at war Date:  7/16/2019  6:20 AM
Author:  Umm Number:  882088 of 883126

"Hmmmm. That's interesting. I wonder if the mayors of our largest cities, to include Chicago, Los Angeles, Baltimore, Washington DC, NYC, E. St. Louis, Oakland, Detroit and name a few...know this? They're all run by Democrats, and I'll be they'd be delighted to hear from you that they don't really have a homicide/violent crime problem when compared to all those nasty RED cities, like Oklahoma City, Salt Lake City, San Diego, Omaha, Ft. Worth and Jacksonville, don't ya think?"


It looks like you do not understand what the word "rate" means...…….

Of course larger cities have higher actual numbers because they have more population. When adjusted for population however, conservative states generally have higher rates of homicide than liberal ones.

That is a simple fact. That you don't like that fact and that it goes against your pre-existing worldview does not make that fact change. It is always interesting to see how a person reacts when faced with factual information that goes against their worldview. An intelligent person adjusts their worldview. A person looking for comfort by seeking to have their already existing worldview reinforced starts to spin, distract, willfully ignore or act insulted.

What are you going to do?
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