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Subject:  Re: To Pool or not to Pool? Date:  7/18/2019  11:59 AM
Author:  1poorguy Number:  139572 of 141736

Trying to get a handle on just how much of a PITA having a pool is,...

Depends who you ask. I found it to be a major PITA. You need to check the chemistry every few days (unless you like algae). As you live someplace colder it may be slightly less frequently. In Phoenix evaporation is significant, so you need to stay on top of it.

You need to keep it clean (skimming, sweeping, AND the filters). Besides making for nasty water, it can damage the equipment ($$$$). Here in Phoenix it's a lot of dust/dirt that blows in. Back east where you are it may be more bugs, leaves, cottonwood puffs, or whatever.

The pump equipment is an energy hog.

Since I had one they have more strict laws about safety (e.g. you have to have a locking fence/gate around the pool even if you don't have any children yourself...your local laws may be different).

If you live someplace colder you will either need to heat the water, or plan to drain the pool every winter. Heating is expensive, draining is a PITA.

Sure, splashing around in a pool is nice. But there's a lot required to make that possible. I would never have one again.


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