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Subject:  Natural Gas: The Effusion of Satan Date:  7/21/2019  12:26 PM
Author:  BruceCM Number:  882115 of 882697

The new FarLeft Religious order has issued its most recent papal cannon:"Natural Gas shall NOT upon thine house ascend"

The mental giants that make up the Berkeley City Council have new natural gas lines to new construction....residential AND Commercial.

Now, in the pantheon of dumb ideas, this has to be one of the dumbest. gas....meaning heating and cooking are going to be all electric. Ok. So where is the new electricity going to be sourced? PG&E is quick to point out that only 20% of 'routine' electric demand comes from fossil fuels. But this is definitely slanted. Peak demand almost all comes from power contracts with generators in Utah and Arizona, almost all of which is produced from Natural Gas and Coal.

And electric rates...which direction are they going in the Golden State? Don't think too hard about that one. Rates in Berkely are currently around $.16/KWH. Where will this rate go as inexpensive and clean Nat Gas is replaced by windmills and solar panels?

From what I've read so far, this only prohibits Natural Gas Lines plumbed into new homes. I don't see anything in the new religious edict about Propane. Those who enjoy cooking do so on gas and this isn't going to change because the Berkeley holy see declares it so. So you can bet new homes are going to be plumbed with propane lines to outside 120 gallon propane tanks. And even if the Berkeley holiest of holy add propane to the blacklist, you can bet propane cooktops are going to be retrofitted to the true gourmet kitchen with 10 gallon propane tanks tucked under the counter.

What a bunch of bozos.

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