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Subject:  Re: To Pool or not to Pool? Date:  7/29/2019  1:14 PM
Author:  sjfans Number:  139590 of 143365

Owning a pool is worse than that.

I can certainly understand it being like that for some people but, in our experience, having a pool has been a heck of a lot of fun and not too bad to maintain.

Considering that we have active children and love to swim ourselves, we would've ended up joining a neighborhood pool/club at a cost of ~$1000 per year (and just thinking about the crowd there gives me heebie-jeebies.) Certainly we will never make up the cost difference to build our own pool but the privacy is so, so worth it to us.

Our property is a little unique and the pool is a bit removed from the house - a plus in some ways as safety is easier... We also built a separate entrance to that side of the yard and have told of some of our closest friends and family to come and go as they please. It has been the best and primary source of exercise for our aging parents (who live close by and drop by most afternoons) for the past few years. We just spent the whole weekend in and out of the pool with various friends and family and had a blast. My teenager is just realizing the joys of having her friends over to swim and my little one will swim with anybody, anytime.

Maintenance is not bad... like some others here, we have a salt water system. Some years have been under $100 for chemicals/salt for the season. We leave the automatic Polaris cleaner in all the time (and run it a few hours a day) and just pop it out when we swim. We never need to vacuum the bottom or scrub the sides beyond start-up for the season. Just empty the skimmer baskets as needed. We built the pool 12 years ago so we've been through replacing a lot of the equipment once now -- liner at year 9 ($4000), salt cell a couple years back (can't remember $$), etc. Surprisingly the heater is going strong and it extends our season significantly. Right now there are some leaks at the pool equipment and a board that needs to be replaced but we're going to baby it until fall when we shut things down and replace several things -- DH is a licensed plumber and handy in general so he is able to do most fixes to the equipment himself, saving us tons of money on maintenance labor.

Last year we swam into October and a warm spring let us start again in early April this year. The pain doing yard work in high summer is greatly mitigated by knowing there's a refreshing pool to jump in afterwards. And when football season starts again in late August we will roast ourselves at tailgates and then bring all the family back for a swim parties to cool off after the games. My biggest complaint of pool ownership is that is make the summer seem like it goes by too fast!

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