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Subject:  Re: AT&T UK Date:  8/13/2019  5:42 PM
Author:  hockeymomof3 Number:  24316 of 25134

1. As this now has a different sim card in and therefore using the UK carrier of choice, would I have to use the area code 001 from the UK to the US?

we pretty much used it to call each other...I would think 001 would be needed but trial and error will let you know for sure!

2. Normally when dialing from US to UK, would use 011441 then the number but in London areas leave the 0 out. How would the dialing process change being in the UK and dialing contacts in the UK?

we called each other using the numbers the phones told us would work? 11 digits? Trial and error is all I can offer to place calls elsewhere...

3. You mentioned disabling most apps from using cellular data, which in particular and do I turn roaming off? Mostly would be using WiFi in hotels etc and offline google maps.

In particular, I never allow App Store to use cellular data...apps can decide to update at any time! As I used the chip in a number of countries, I'm gonna assume I had roaming ON.

4. Lastly, if and when using WiFi, by turning off cellular, would this also ensure no data being processed?

So does turning off cellular data app by app...and not allowing cellular to take over when wifi is weak.

Pretty good chance the person selling the phone can answer all above questions re placing calls. I would check the documentation that came with the sims but they are loaned out at the moment...

Teri ... this was really so so much easier than previous trips abroad. Technology has really improved in the area of communication. Tell ATT to take a hike!!
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