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Subject:  Re: Ever heard of the 30% rule? FICO Date:  8/21/2019  6:05 PM
Author:  rainphakir Number:  312596 of 312777

I just checked my CCs for the credit limits. My monthly expenses typically run 6-8% of the total limits, FICO was 825-827. Over the last couple months, I've been traveling, and expenses are 15%, FICO has dropped to 813-817.

One card said that my score has dropped due to no info from recurring payments (No mortgage payments, no car payments, etc)

Therefore, to get 'credit' I'll have to pay interest? Have I ever said that I believe the FICO should be spelled SCAM.

The same card also said 'due to payments made in a non-agreed manner'. Since I've been traveling, I've paid some expenses up front - I knew that I'd be charging $2000 so I paid that in advance. I also paid some in the middle of the pay period (again, in advance). I'm ASSUMING that this is the 'non agreed manner'?. AJ, you suggested paying weekly as a means to prevent the percentage from going over 7%? That MAY not work, since the user 'agrees to pay during the payment period'?

The other card said 'x may affect your score' - i.e. no info on what exactly has caused the FICO to drop - this one did tell me it's Transunion.

I pay my share of the rent, to my room mate who then makes the rent payment to the apartment complex, so no record of that, either.


I have only the monthly expenses currently on my CCs... NO OTHER DEBT! The credit agencies can 'see' my bank account info, they KNOW the liquid assets I have.

Your FICO SCAMmed Fool

I requested a credit limit increase from the two CCs. One denied it out right, perhaps because I don't actively use that card? The other said 'we'll get back to you in 24 hours'...

We'll see
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