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Subject:  Re: Ever heard of the 30% rule? FICO Date:  8/26/2019  10:19 AM
Author:  xtn Number:  312613 of 312717

And, yes, those who "understand" the rules don't get too burned by the lenders,....

Those who DON'T understand the rules don't get burned by the lenders either. They get burned by their own ignorance and/or bad decisions.

I've been irritated with lenders, but never once have any of them violated the agreements I've signed. Never once.

I don't think you know what the word scam means. FICO has never deceived any borrower for its own gain. The word scam involves dishonesty, fraudulent behavior, etc. What has FICO been dishonest about? Sure, maybe people don't correctly understand what FICO is all about, but that doesn't mean FICO scammed them.

Your characterizations scream of a victim mentality. You know, like the whiners who think spoken words they don't like should be considered acts of violence. Heck, I read an article the other day complaining about how our government's climate change policies are racist because climate change negatively effects low income minority neighborhoods the most. I mean, come on, really? But that's what you sound like.

And I'm not hating on your or anything like that. You're perfectly entitled to your opinions. I'm just telling you how your opinion on this topic is coming across, that's all.

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