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Subject:  Re: Ever heard of the 30% rule? FICO Date:  8/28/2019  8:35 AM
Author:  xtn Number:  312622 of 312717

And, I know how "my opinion" comes across. This is not the first time I've expressed it.

Hey, nobody appreciates that more than me. Plenty of my opinions go against the PC approved opinions, and I'm not shy about expressing them. I should carry a sign that says "Trigger Warning."

Anyway, back to the topic...

A SCAM may be legal, but be dishonest or fraudulent at either the moral or ethical definition. Many seem to believe that because FICO is legal, that is not a SCAM.

You seem to think that my defense of FICO as not being a scam is based on the fact that it is legal. That is not my basis. My basis is that I can't think of any way that FICO has been dishonest or fraudulent or unethical or immoral. Can you provide an example of how FICO has been any of those things?

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