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Subject:  Re: Ever heard of the 30% rule? FICO Date:  8/28/2019  8:50 AM
Author:  xtn Number:  312623 of 312702

If it is so wonderful and unbiased, why did the government pass regulations FORCING the credit reporting agencies to give free copies of her/his credit score each year, to each individual who requests a copy?

Well, they did no such thing.

1. They didn't force FICO to do anything. It's a separate entity than the CRAs you know.
2. They forced the CRAs to provide free reports, but not free FICO scores.

And even if that weren't the case, ask yourself why FICO, or any business, would WANT to give its product away for free. They wouldn't, of course.

Now ask yourself why our government (or more accurately, the entitled whining masses who put pressure on our government) think it/they has/have the right to force a business to give its product away for free. I mean, I'm happy to get my free report, but the way it happened disgusts me.

"Hey, we want your product. The product that you've invested time and money into collecting/producing. We know you didn't develop it for us, but we don't care. We know each report you generate has cost/expense for you, and that you normally recoup those costs/expenses and a bit of profit by selling the reports to lending entities, but we don't care. We want it. We're going to band together and FORCE you to give it to us. FOR FREE! MmmmmwwwwwwaaaaaaahahahaHAHAHAHAHAHAH (evil villain laugh)

Now THAT is unethical and immoral. And yes, no matter what misguided point anyone tries to make about why we have a right to the product, that is exactly how it went down.

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