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Subject:  Re: Poll: OT: Favorite Sci-Fi Series Date:  9/3/2019  11:55 AM
Author:  TheJTrain Number:  4347 of 4376

I watched a few episodes of Farscape yesterday on the plane. Does it get better? So far, I'm a "meh?"

I watched the whole series over time (streaming w/out binging) and enjoyed it. For me, it was somewhere between: a) enjoyable enough that I never regretted starting it nor drifted away for long stretches, and b) really really good to where I'd probably watch it again someday. If you're going in with the right expectations, that will help you find the sweet spot. There's not a little bit of Muppet-type antics (Jim Henson did the alien puppet effects, after all), but in the milieu of a semi-serious sci-fi story, so if you can take those antics as they're intended without letting them be off-putting, you're in good shape. It's very character- and relationship-driven (I think recently did a pretty good write-up on that angle) - much of which you haven't really gotten into if you're only a few eps in - the sheer variety of the alien races and encounters they have tend to keep things interesting, and the "story of the week" bits inside the overall "man trying to get home" arc are compelling enough without wading into deep philosophical ponderings like a lot of "trying way too hard to be serious" sci-fi can be these days.

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