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Subject:  Re: Dentistry Costs For Retirees Date:  9/16/2019  6:50 PM
Author:  SeattlePioneer Number:  21382 of 21588

<<Have folks here experienced seeking a "second opinion" for a specific issue, one that may cause you to change dentists totally (which is probable if you get ANYTHING done elsewhere, of course)?>>

I've had the opposite occur.

Several years ago, my regular dentist commented that while there was nothing he could point to that required that several old gold crowns be replaced, he suggested that doing so would be worth doing.

Since then, I've needed several root canals when those old crowns allowed infections to get started in those teeth, which then required new crowns as well. One tooth not only became infected, but caused bone loss extensive enough to require that the tooth be extracted and replaced by an implant, together with a crown to go on the implant. That cost about $7500.

Because of that, I asked my dentist to check the crowns I had to see which ones would be worthwhile replacing to avoid such problems in the future. There was only one such old crown left, and I'm scheduled to have that replaced next week.

I'm now convinced that all those old crowns will have been replaced. But if I had taken the dentist's advice early, I might have avoided several root canals and the extraction and implant.

Waiting for an actual problem to develop in those old crowns was a mistake. The smart move would have been to be more pro active.

Seattle Pioneer
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