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Subject:  Re: Dentistry Costs For Retirees Date:  9/18/2019  4:21 PM
Author:  BruceCM Number:  21392 of 21592


Dental "insurance" really has nothing to do with insurance. It is really a cash flow management scheme. I've calculated many times whether dental "Insurance" is worth the cost and with today's restrictions on minimum coverage period or waiting time for certain procedures, makes it almost impossible for the cost of the insurance premiums + deductibles + copays to be less than just pay as you go through consumer shopping. The real value in dental 'insurance' is it incentivizes the insured to put their behind in the dentist's chair at least twice a year.

We have the Kaiser Senior Advantage +Plus Plan, which includes dental, vision wear and hearing aid. Kaiser is very good at making sure we make our semi-annual appointments and I've gotten to know my dental hygienist and dentist there very well. I've had several procedure there over the past several years and am getting ready to do my first implant from a tooth I broke when I yanked on some beef jerky (NICE! Really smooth!!). It didn't break down to the root so was not painful, but Kaiser got me in the next day where the dentist on-call put in a temporary filling (can't remember what he called it) and they made an appointment for me to see my dentist for a full eval and looking at my options the next week...and there was no charge for that visit. We're very happy with the service we've received.

Not sure who said it above, but they're right....floss and use an ultrasound brush, and be diligent in your visits to your hygienist. Wish I would have started doing this 30 years ago!

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