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Subject:  Re: Taycan Lapping Model S at Nuburgring Date:  9/23/2019  10:52 PM
Author:  Thomfranklin Number:  5083 of 5242

Who cares who goes the most over 100 mph?


Thousands of Teslan weenies on teslamotorsclub, reddit, and twitter care as does the founder of their cult, Subsidy Fraud Boy Musk.

It's important to beta males jerks too who think massive torque when stomping the accelerator is funny stuff. You know how it is, you can't get your ya yas on in sports, at the gym, or in the sack, so you show your manhood with your fast car with high torque which also has video games and fart apps for males with arrested development:

Tesla pumps "Ludicrous" speed on Twitter and through bought-off pump sheets. That's who it is important to: the cult leaders, the cult apostles, and the starry-eyed Teslan Knight Templar enforcers of the creed, who stand laser swords drawn at the burning Branch Elonian compound reminding the crying cult to quit beseeching their Lord to intervene and make their lemons right.

"Shut up, don't forget the mission, be happy you own the fastest 1/4 mile stock car on the planet."

But I'm with you. Speed is not important to sane drivers on the road who are secure in their manhood and who shake their heads at imbecilic Tesla drivers showing off speed, A/P, and no hands on the wheel videos to rack up the likes and impressions on social media.

I predicted a little over a year ago sane Americans would soon laugh at Tesla owners derisively and we've now gone beyond that. Sane Americans are now calling on the Federal government to stop advanced summons and A/P human guinea pig tests in Teslas. It's getting more dangerous by the day.

"There you have it, still not perfect . . . " said the idiotic father who put his child and her dog in the path of a summoned Tesla on new version 10 which can't tell the difference between his lawn and road. That fool man should have his fatherhood license yanked. Has he never seen the damage to Tesla cars done by summons which couldn't see trash cans, garage doors, garage walls, etc?

It's like a drug to Teslans, the need for speed or the need to be the hippest Virtue Signaler in the 'hood or on the highway as they travel on A/P, "Hey, look at me! I am a Potato Person. I bought this weight online with the Tesla logo which attaches to my steering wheel and allows me to drive on A/P without ever being prompted to touch the wheel with my hands." Or, "I don't need to walk 100 feet to my car in the parking lot because I'm gonna push summons and impress the yokels pushing shopping carts to their cars."

These killing machines are still marketed by Musk the Pathological Liar as the safest cars on the planet.
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