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Subject:  Re: Diabetes Digest - September Call-Ups Date:  9/25/2019  11:21 AM
Author:  VeeEnn Number:  2803 of 2876

Well, here's something I picked up from one of your links years ago pertaining to exercise and insulin resistance. Specifically, how long it lasts post exercise...... with practical implications for resulting hypoglycemia when folk have good glycemic control.

In the context of exercise science/training and post exercise refueling, the immediate 1-2 hour time window tends to be emphasised a lot. When I read that there's measurable response lasting 48 hours+, I dug around a bit and realised that I needed to give a heads up in my classes...... especially to the newbies who'd been recently diagnosed and, with the shock of getting a new diagnosis, were suddenly ultra vigilant with diet and/or meds along with leaping up off the couch determined to get a "good" workout (i.e. beat themselves up in my SPINNING or CSI classes)

I usually recommended that they measure their blood glucose at more frequent intervals than usual...... which no doubt plenty of folk ignored in the way they did my recommendations to control intensity. However, the fitness director at my gym received a call from the wife of one such class member who'd insisted he follow my advice and, lo, discovered that he was quite markedly hypoglycemic for the remainder of the day and with symptoms he'd put down to side effects of the medication (which they were in a way)

A nice touch...... she was so pleased, she put $20 on my bar tab account (gym had a very nice restaurant) and sent her husband to class with an iTunes gift card! Down to you;)
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