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Subject:  Re: Thomas Cook Tour Company Folds Date:  9/25/2019  4:40 PM
Author:  syke6 Number:  24364 of 25047

I write checks for all my bills. I get two benefits. This forces me actually look at each bill each month and make note of how much something is costing me. Once I discovered a $700 over billing on my electric bill when the elec company swapped meters. Another time a charge was posted twice to my credit card account.

The second benefit is I am free to change credit cards or banks as I see fit if my card is lost or stolen. Also there is with no risk of non payment for things on auto pay that I had forgotten about. Or perpetual autopay. A friend of mine discovered that he had been paying for some i=tunes subscription for years that he didn't use and had forgotten about. Couldn't happen if he wrote a check for it each month.

<scratches head> I think I might be missing something. You can pay by credit card without using autopay. I pay with credit cards as much as possible I don't autopay anything. Even if you did use autopay, you still have the opportunity to review both the original bill and the credit card statement to see if there are any suspect charges.

The advantages of using credit cards is that in the event someone gets your account number and does you dirty, they can't clean out your checking account. You legally only have $50 of liability with a credit card, and most cards offer 100% protection.

The other advantage is reward points. All your spending for a year plus the occasional sign up bonus translates to substantial rewards. I haven't paid for a hotel room in years, and am almost always upgraded, have access to executive lounge, and so on. Simply because I pay with credit cards. Not too shabby.
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