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Subject:  Re: Thomas Cook Tour Company Folds Date:  9/25/2019  6:47 PM
Author:  vkg Number:  24365 of 25047

I write checks for all my bills. I get two benefits. This forces me actually look at each bill each month and make note of how much something is costing me. Once I discovered a $700 over billing on my electric bill when the elec company swapped meters. Another time a charge was posted twice to my credit card account.

All charges to credit cards should be reconciled at least every other month. Phone bill needed to be checked for cramming.

The second benefit is I am free to change credit cards or banks as I see fit if my card is lost or stolen.

Electronic payments can be auto or manual. Paper statements can be kept while making online payments.

I have had checks disappear.

We don't use the bank bill pay. It involves adding another entity. In the one case that a payment was debited and failed to apply to the account was resolved. It was also the last time that we used bill pay because of the lack of transparency and control.

Also there is with no risk of non payment for things on auto pay that I had forgotten about. I don't understand this statement.

Or perpetual autopay. A friend of mine discovered that he had been paying for some i=tunes subscription for years that he didn't use and had forgotten about. Couldn't happen if he wrote a check for it each month.

Wouldn't happen if he reconciled his accounts. Missing the payment for years means he hasn't reconciled or carefully looked at his statement for years.

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