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Subject:  Re: Mortgage Date:  9/30/2019  11:22 PM
Author:  Rayvt Number:  129270 of 129289

Those letters are the height of stupidity. They prove absolutely nothing and yet are in such demand. No doubt just proof that they asked the question.

I used to think so, that they were stupid. But then I thought some of the questions on the ATF 4473 form were stupid, too. "Are you buying this gun for somebody else?" "Are you a fugitive from justice?" "Are you a felon?" "Are you in the US legally?"

Then I realized---they are not asking these dumb questions to get the answer. They are asking them so that they can also charge you with perjury if you ever get charged with a violation. That's how Martha Steward spend a few months in Federal Prison---not for the securities violation (they couldn't have gotten her on that), but for lying on a SEC questionnaire.

Look at all those loan papers you sign. One of them warns you that lying on any of the forms is a Federal offense for perjury. If the loan goes into foreclosure, they will go over those forms with a fine-tooth comb to see where you lied.
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