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Subject:  Board Reopened Date:  10/8/2019  10:11 AM
Author:  TMF2Aruba Number:  185328 of 191715

A horse walks into a bar and the bartender says, “So why the long face?”

You may find that humorous, or you may not. There’s probably an equestrian somewhere who is not laughing. Humor is subjective, and while we cannot always agree on what’s funny, we should all be able to agree that some humor can be hurtful and offensive.

With that in mind, we are rebooting the Humor and Urban Legends discussion board with some clear rules that will allow Fools to enjoy this board, but not at the expense of others.

The Motley Fool champions active and open discussion among our members in a civil and respectful manner when you are posting on the Community Boards. Fools are expected to treat this board Foolishly, in the same way Fools are expected to treat all forums on, with respect for and an openness to others. For guidance, please read Section 7 from the Fool Terms and Conditions:

The Motley Fool may, at any time and without prior notice, and at our sole discretion, remove any post or take any action for violating the Fool Terms and Conditions, or otherwise posting comments deemed disruptive to the Humor and Urban Legends forum.

Although this discussion board is being monitored, if you believe a post violates the Fool Terms and Conditions or the humorous spirit of this board, please report it using a Fool Alert, and the post will be reviewed. If a post is removed, all subsequent replies and comments may be removed as well.

However, just because a post is reported does not mean it will be removed. A post will not be removed just because you did not find it funny.

General Guidelines:

Here are five rules of thumb:

1. Post jokes and stories that are playful, intended to generate laughs, giggles or at the very least a reluctant groan. Remember that humor in print often loses some of the characteristics that make it funny when told verbally or visually.

2. Post jokes and stories that avoid words and phrasing that might be misunderstood or lead a fellow Fool to take the comments personally.

3. Post jokes and stories that could not be deemed sexual in nature. Remember that any humor should be family friendly.

4. Post jokes and stories that could not be deemed offensive or discriminatory to one’s gender, gender identity or orientation, race, religion, culture, national origin, disability, or as personal attacks against an individual.

5. Post jokes and stories that are not politically partisan in nature, intended to demean one’s views and beliefs or enflame anger in others.

And finally, remember the topic of the board. If the board goes off on tangents, political or otherwise, they will be deemed “off-topic” and removed.
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