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Subject:  Re: Gabbard Calls Out Hillary Date:  10/20/2019  12:28 PM
Author:  BruceCM Number:  882702 of 883082

I find it interesting and a bit ironic that my main-woman Tulsi has been shunned and is now officially persona non-grata at CNN and MSNBC, meaning she has to go to Fox News to get in her face-time on cable news.

It would not shock...although it would surprise me a little, if Tulsi announced she is changing her party affiliation to libertarian and running as a third party candidate. With the liberal crazies on one side and Trump's media-induced unpopularity on the other, I'd imaging she'd pick up a large percent of centrists from both sides. However....the Donald has about a $150MM war chest he hasn't even started using yet.....and the Leftist crazies have given his campaign more ammunition than they imagined possible. So you can bet that ammo is getting organized right now by some awfully marketing-smart minds. This could work for Tulsi-as-libertarian if the primary aim of the Trump lightning bolts are aimed at the current established new-left headed by the likes of Pelosi, Clinton, Warren, O'Rourke, Bernie, Schiff and our dear, dear friend Ocrazyo-Cortez. It would certainly make the next 12 months lively.

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