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Subject:  Re: You don't suck Date:  11/12/2019  12:44 AM
Author:  btresist Number:  27028 of 27159

You've merely pushed the problem back a step. Now you need a fine-tuned mechanism for generating universes. Back to square one it seems.

It is curious that you seem unable to recognize that your "Unknown Intelligent Designer" proposition suffers from the same issue. One can always ask where did It come from?

One possibility is that the multiverse has always existed. Another possibility is that an intelligence always existed who then created the multiverse. Which is the simpler explanation?

So would the likelyhood of some God-like intelligence existing in one of them to create everything. Back to square one again.

At least such a hypothesis has the potential to be considered scientific. Variants of this idea has been proposed by actual scientists. For example, the universe as a computer simulation:
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