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Subject:  Re: Hidden Cameras Date:  11/14/2019  11:35 PM
Author:  notablelaggard Number:  24462 of 24551

I was staying in an airbnb on the Big Island, Hawaii, (in the neighborhood of HPP near Pahoa, for those of you familiar with the island), and discovered an all seeing camera on the wall. It was not disclosed in the owner's description of his place, and it was perfectly concealed as a smoke detector. I took close up pics of it when he was out, went online and easily found it by the pics and the make and serial no. that were on it, and it WAS a smoke detector, but with the addition of camera.
It's focus was in the Kitchen/Living-room area. So, not the bedroom, but this was a place with a large room with a double bed and a private bathroom in the room -- so, a place that couples would definitely want to stay. And he was gone most all days, so the fact that the whole house was empty all day, with a couple there alone he could easily capture video of them that he had no business having access to.

I took the situation to Reddit/airbnb and asked what people thought. Many thought I should majorly complain and report it to airb immediately and seek to shut him down. I didn't have that sense of damaging retaliation, and, in the end, I let it go. I did ask airb questions about the specifics of the situation and what they would recommend -- but airbnb will ALWAYS overwhelmingly favor the Hosts, and not the visitors, as the Hosts represent their steady flow of income, and a Guest's complaints are seen as threatening their profits. So, in just beginning to inquire about their rules about it, I could see immediately that it would go nowhere with them unless I turned it into a huge formal complaint to get them to address it. I didn't want to ruin the guy's situation. If it had been hidden in the bedroom, then yes, absolutely! - but not for what he had going there to watch over the general 'common areas'. I do think that he should have been required to have posted it though - to have let the Guests know that the common areas were potentially on camera.

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