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Subject:  Re: Is it possible ... Date:  11/17/2019  5:40 AM
Author:  SeattlePioneer Number:  882915 of 885661

<<What you are missing is, just because Trump got elected by people doesn't stop him from doing illegal, criminal things. Others pointing it out, calling it doesn't make them bad people either.

The diplomats, advisers are not "permanent bureaucracy", they are the one who is now pointing the finger at Trump.>>

Many are indeed part of the permanent bureaucracy. And too many take their graduate degrees and experience with too much pride, deciding that they know better how to govern the United States than elected officials.

The Supreme Court is altogether too good of an example of that.

<<Your claim bureaucrats are against Trump is ludicrous and has no basis. It is unbelievable that folks instead of focusing on Trump's behavior, which is the root cause for these people to speak up, now you are questioning the folks because they are speaking up. How twisted?>>

No, I don;t think that's the case at all. The New York Times the control of American politics away from the elected official of the Democratic Party when the results of the 2016 election didn't satisfy newspaper and news media people.

It seems that officials of the FBI and CIA were setting up Trump to fail even before the election.

These are all people who often agree among themselves as to how the government should rule, and were appalled when Trump threatened to overturn their comfortable consensus.

Trump is fighting back against all that power so that he can govern according to the political platform he was elected to implement.

Seattle Pioneer
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