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Subject:  Re: 20 years Date:  11/24/2019  3:45 PM
Author:  ChilkatSally Number:  43736 of 43800

“In my dreams” never had the life I have now lead. I could not have imagined in my forties, programming in my cube , trying to keep my daughter in her classes, my bosses happy, a social life, a busy treadmill of tasks, that I would be where I am today. I also thank TMF and the shoulders of giants I stood on.

Teddy, got my knee replaced in May, it was almost a non event. My shingles outbreak was longer pain and hassle. Much of my chronic pain has subsided. I can still mow my lawn. But I can’t put weight on knees to weed.

Next month I think I will be 72. I quit keeping track of my age.n Arthritis is more of a bigger issue then I could have imagined. Somehow, things just slip through my fingers. Oh yeah, my daughter complains that I am deaf. I just tell her to quit talking to my back. I turned into my mom.

I want to downsize. I created a beautiful landscaping nightmare that I now hire people to maintain. I am in the process of changing it back to hassle free.

Unfortunately, anywhere I might want to live, cost of housing is expensive. My house keeps increasing in value causing my assessment to go up. We are still having “save the Library “ bond sales. My house is now 20 years old and I just had it painted, new deck goes on in the spring. Black Friday I buy a new propane stove as I am down to one burner on my current stove. I have a few more expensive maintenance things on my list of things to fix.

My brother is still living with me. The shortage of low income housing means I will probably have him a long time. The shortage of senior housing means ....? I guess it means age in place and keep up the maintenance.

I am still glad I retired early. I am lucky. I rescued another dog. They are great company and adore me.

I find the “OK Boomer” , kind of funny. Wait wait, are David Nunes and Jim Jordan boomers?

I am so tired of our current swamp. Watching the impeachment hearings and folks speaking truth to power has been inspiring.

That catches up the last six months. Here is to more happy years , clink clink.
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