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Subject:  disputing a charge Date:  11/30/2019  12:12 PM
Author:  YewGuise Number:  312707 of 312988

Nov 21, I got a text that there was a $250 charge with "card not present." I didn't recognize the store, and hadn't authorized the charge. Clear case of fraud.
So I called Citicards, using the number on the back of my card, and reported it. They cancelled the card and sent me a new one. I received the new card the next day.

However, a few days later, the bogus charge moved from "pending" to "posted," on the new account! I called, and the CSR said the charge was "under investigation," and it could take a week or two to resolve.

Nov 28, just to be safe, I tried to dispute the charge online. There's a down arrow next to each charge which, when selected, provides more info, and in the past included a link to dispute. The "dispute" option is no longer there, for any of my charges.
No problem, it's under investigation, therefore obviously disputed, right? Nope, when I go to the "Dispute Center" looking for status, that says there are no open disputes.
So, I contacted Citicards via chat, and the CSR said she'd flag it as disputed, and a credit would be issued in 3-5 business days.

Now (2 days later), the Dispute Center still shows no open disputes.

It really bothers me that:
- The charge is sitting there under "posted," along with all the legit charges. I think there should be 3 categories: pending, posted, and disputed.
- The dispute doesn't show up in the Dispute Center.
- The dispute option is no longer available in the drop-down menu under the charge.
- Different CSR's are giving different info.
- Citicards apparently paid the store anyway after I told them the charge was NOT authorized.

At every contact, Citicards gives the spiel that I should be assured I have zero liability, but I'm still annoyed. Why don't they just make it go away? What's going on? Have some anti-consumer laws passed recently? Last time I disputed anything was years ago, and it was simpler and easier that time around.
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