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Subject:  Re: Economic Success Date:  12/11/2019  6:22 AM
Author:  SeattlePioneer Number:  573306 of 585492

<<And who are they? Privileged, well paid government employees who don't want to have to work more hours per week or more years to collect a fat pension.

That is the "wealth envy" complaint I always hear about union employees who have fought for their pay and benefits, from non-union employees who have had their pay and benefits taken away. Or, more precisely, that "wealth envy" complaint is what management shills use to fire up the, now, mostly non-union workers, who have lost their pay and benefits, to win their support of more union breaking tactics so the union worker's pay and benefits can be taken away too.


Public employees and their unions are playing a rigged game, and playing the taxpayers for fools.

That does not deserve to be rewarded.

The air traffic controllers who were fired by Reagan and the Boston Policeman Strike of 1919 were two very rare examples of where public employees were fired for going on strike.

By contrast, for a union to take a nickel away from a private employer is often a very difficult job. I have done that on a number of occasions as a union Business Agent, Organizer, strike/boycott coordinator for the SEIU and Amalgamated clothing workers.

Public employee pension plans are bankrupting a good many cities and governments these days. Of course, few private employee unions have any pension plans these days other than 401Ks.

Seattle Pioneer
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