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Subject:  Re: Transactions 12/10 Date:  12/11/2019  12:01 PM
Author:  Champico33 Number:  2077 of 2591


Cash seems to be a good thing just now.

The fog of density in my brain is slowing fading to just a fine mist in that the yo-yo, back and forth, up and down pronouncements by all these people on the Fool - while certainly well intentioned and in good faith as well as sprinkled with some knowledgeable expertise - should not be the definitive fulcrum that moves the portfolio. Take all with some modicum of scrutiny and rely on your own due diligence and research as the final arbiter of what you might or might not need to do.

What we really need today is for BCT and Austin to re-declare the bottom so the markets will behave properly.

As for MDB - I have not wavered a bit on where I feel its trajectory may take it. Trim - Add as I might, it is still there and not clinging to the edge of the port by only a finger or so. When all the folks on the Fool were proclaiming its ascendance to the pinnacles of the NoSQL mountain tops I believed and after my own - admittedly shallow and woeful - research agreed that MDB has "Itness".

Now that everyone wants to jump ship based on what they see as the declining quality of their quarterly reports it begs the question as to was there a there there in the first place. Because if there is, and was, a there there to begin with - and the ultimate destination was multitudes of massive migration to NoSQL then - what has actually changed?

I believe the Wolf is right here -but he was judged wrong on another shooting star company not to awfully long ago (Haven't we all been at that exact point before - which is right along the lines of Those-without-investing-errors-please-raise-your-lying-hands.) which just boils down to me that you listen to everyone but in the end make your own decisions realizing that scared investors make very fickle foundations - or something like that.

Happy Holidays
All the Best,
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